David’s defeat of Goliath shows us some principles of spiritual warfare.

  • David was fearless
  • David knew that it was God who fights for us (assumes that we are right before Him.)
  • David’s experience of protecting his lambs from bears and lions qualified him to fight against the giant who defied the country. We can’t expect to engage demonic spirits on behalf of others until we have proved ourselves by defending our own children or at least ourselves.
  • David did not use “untested” weapons.  Instead he used the weapons he had used many times before.  The weapons we used to defend our lambs are sufficient to defeat the giant.
  • David knew the God he served.  We must know who we are in Christ.  This is the source of our confidence and courage.
  • David’s older brother falsely accused and insulted David.  He ignored his brother and continued on.  Likewise, those older in the faith who are entrenched in the “system” will revile those younger who dare to engage the giant.
  • David overcame the giant in the service of King Saul.  Likewise, we can overcome the enemy while in the pentecostal church.  We don’t have to wait until Tabernacles.  There is victory before Tabernacles.
  • There is no evil spirit who defies God’s people that is too big or too powerful to be defeated by a David who comes in the name of the Lord.
  • David fought under authority.  He obtained permission from the king before engaging the giant.  David fought alone, but he did so with the authority of the king.  We may have to face a giant without anyone besides us.  However, we must never presume to fight without first obtaining permission from our king, Jesus.