I’m Going to do it MY WAY

The original sin was rooted in doing it “my way” independent from God. It is still the number one hindrance for us in obeying God. We still want to do it our way. We don’t want to be dependent on God. We are self-centered. We are the center of our lives. We still do things “for God” that are really for our own benefit.

Most religious activity is really for ourselves. We like the rituals, the songs, the preaching, etc. Witnessing, working in the rescue mission, leading bible studies, singing in the choir, fasting, praying, etc. is often done to build ourselves up or make us feel good.  The depths of our self-centeredness is so mind-blowing that we go into denial just to cope.  We know it is wrong to be selfish so we have to deny our selfishness so that we won’t be wrong.

How do we escape the sin of selfishness?

We daily pick up our cross and follow Jesus.  Daily we say, “Not my will but Yours be done.”  We must daily accept our death to self.  We must daily have no confidence in the flesh.

That’s easier said than done.  We cannot do it in our own strength. It does not happen in one day either. It is a process of daily walking with Jesus. Daily we must rely on the Holy Spirit to show us our selfishness and deal with that area in our life.

As our self-life decreases, the life of Christ in us can increase in us. The crucifixion comes before the resurrection. We cannot have more of Christ until we have less of ourselves.

How does God decrease us? He puts us through trials, testings, and persecutions until our self-life is gone. He refines us as gold or silver. The quicker we submit to his dealings, the quicker we decrease, and the more fruit we will produce.

The resurrected life is not OUR way, but GOD’s way.

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